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10:50 p.m. x 2003-06-16

summer always begins erratically. my summers for the most part have been pleasant experiences...but they always begin on an odd note. not really bad - just odd.

i'm switching where i do my medical-oriented things from now on...*shivers* my doctor, or at least the one they got to poke & prod me this time, grossly misdiagnosed several things about me and told my mother i needed a bunch of injections. now - were this true, i would have nodded and gone "damn - alright". i'm passive. but i knew it wasn't true, my mother knew, and i'll be taking my illnesses elsewhere.

i wish i didn't live in rural appalachia. there are no good doctors here. on top of this, having to search far & away for a new doctor, i'm increasing my therapy, but that's a good thing ^-^ i need that. i can't burden other people with my being sad (which is more spite than politeness, but still) and i want that which is wrong with me to away itself soon.

other than that - i got my hair done today ^-^ and my it looks rather like kat bjelland's.

*ugh* - 'tis of late! but i'll be back to bug you again tomorrow. promise. and everyyybody welcome back natttaaalliiiieee!!! *MWAH!* ~ evening, audience.

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