on the cast iron lap of walt disney

10:02 p.m. x 2003-06-17

a short list of things currently making me happy:

1. my tea set
2. my hair
3. the songs "fast car", "wonderwall", "enter sandman", "going under", "glass vase cello case", "poison", and "chariots rise" - my quirky little soundtrack for the moment
4. my pitifully little book of sylvia plath poems, which i was reading until 5:30 yesterday
5. hello kitty
6. my cotton-candy-colored nightgown
7. horror movies, which are finally starting to freak me out a more little bit
8. the possibility that - providing that disney is on the financial decline - we may very well go again this year
9. aaalex...^-^
10. it's SUMMER

ah...i like this quote: "they call me weasle cause i steal hotel bibles. i got seven now!" - the "S", "it", the disappearing, reappearing, always elusive cowboy that is rachel's *man*

my life will someday make one of those movies that are very good but you can't show your mother or your friends without strange looks. you just walk away with the satisfaction that you understand, and never again will batteries, the word "nipple", or soccer jerseys mean quite the same thing.

'tis my goal this summer to try my hand at film making, starting with a very stark conceptual film starring many of my closest confidants (among others and mostly tweak) as random strange things leading to a very fellini climax in my backyard. after this, i plan to do one with - *gasp!* - a script! "director" is one of my desired positions in life. i'd love to be like andy warhol - with a little "factory" and a bunch of strange, quirky people running around and using them for all kinds of experimental mediums.

it's a lot like that now @_@ minus the factory and enough guts that would allow my little minions to do what i want them to do, even for TWO MINUTES...*the camera is your friend though T__T*...agh, and i need to ask my pregnant friend if she'll loan me her baby for two seconds, too...come on, it'll look weird using a "baby shivers"!

and now...i must go. i just had a massive craving for mozarella cheese. i can't explain, nor do i wish to, but i'm going to go raid my friggie now ^-^ au revoir!

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