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11:15 p.m. x 2003-06-18

right now, my hair feels slightly like one of those things we used in basic foods to clean the sink...brillo pads, that's it. thankfully, it doesn't look like so, but it feels like one. not only that - but all this mess was for four rather insignificant ringlets, two on either side of my scalp (rather unevenly, i might add @_@).

in my misadventures with my brand new curling iron, i managed to fail 15 times at three specific sections of hair, with good results 3 times that got botched. when i finally got results i liked, i ran downstaires and went mad with my mother's hairspray that smells rather like the ocean ^-^ it's really for volume but holds quite violently. alas...it also weighed down on my hair and now it's kind of flat -_-.

i can't be pleased, jesus. i have spray that won't kill it...but did i use that? noooo...i wanted to smell the ocean-spray ^-^ (and i still do...but if i go down & get it again, my mother will begin to suspect that i'm getting high @_@ happy parents).

today's amusement came from the far corners of my basement. i unearthed two ancient ('96-'97 & '97-'98) yearbooks to examine the changes seven years has wrought. aaaaawe...everyone was so cute except me T__T (i was hideous, my face was big, MER...there's no two ways of getting around my blah-ness). awe...baby sara, baby rachel, baby brittany, BABY MANDA...*tickles the picture*...the ones of jaypea look SOOO awe...HA! he and the bird (jason) were in the same grade...oh it's too hilarious.

if i could post pictures in this diary (which i cannot - satanic moral standards at work), that would definitely be the one. fifth grade plumage bum.

that...and this one of my little brother eating a blanket when he was still a small baby. that's priceless.

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