"whatever that means - she's putting her life back together"

9:33 p.m. x 2003-06-22

on chapter 13 of when rabbit howls. great book...even greater that the woman wrote it "herself" (she hasn't, it seems, been herself since she was two). if you haven't read it i strongly recommend it - it makes what eve white went through look like a cakewalk. a happy cakewalk. i thought it would be a rather slow, sucky process of having 92 personalities pop up and introduce themselves over the course of a 370 page book, but luckily her case didn't work like that. very riveting - if you could find a very skilled actress it'd make an amazing movie, the way she changes expressions, moods, mannerisms, and the looks on her face so fast they couldn't all be the same person.

*whoosh* - i'm stunned.

speaking of which, on a slightly lighter note, we got HBO back ^-^ and i saw the new "sex in the city"! *le sigh*...i love that show. my aunt's addicted to it to, which is why i wind up watching every episode at her house...it's all too much for my mother. everytime samantha comes on screen my mom hides behind a pillow @_@. *tisk*...

rather slow day today with nothing much to write about -_- i'll be going to my aunt's here in a couple of weekends, hopefully i'll still write though because i've neglected to miss a day all month! i have a mission...

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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