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12:28 p.m. x 2003-06-24

hmm - that song reminds me of jaypea...

anyhoo, today's beginnings have at least shown some promise as being better than the days before it. yesterday was...strange to say the least, i slept through most of it and then, i'm sure this is insomnia-induced craziness, i got the distinct impression that my parents were plotting against me everytime i tried to eat in front of them. i wound up sneaking downstairs last night and pouring myself a huge bowls of "oh!s" - the bastard generic-brand offspring of cheerio's and golden grams - and sneaking back up to work on my book.

i set my alarm for eleven, knowing full well i would never get up that early, but lo and behold - here i am ^-^. had my sleep gone undisturbed, i'd still be sleeping, but i had such a jarring nightmare that i bolted out of bed to make sure it wasn't real. then of course, i couldn't get back to sleep @_@ so here i am. fully dressed, hair & makeup done...i feel very fulfilled ^-^ i haven't looked nice for a while. i haven't been going out often...i have therapy today! YIPPEEE!!!

@_@ -- *ugh*...i'm still groggy though. i was up till 5:30 last night trying to finish when rabbit howls. i did not succeed (it's GRIPPING, mahn!), but i did enjoy watching "sid & nancy" in it's entirety, something i haven't done in a while. i found myself seething with jealousy at chloe webb's hair - i really like that style. mine's alright, but...rrrrgh! my curling iron did something funny today and parts of my hair look rather humerous. somehow i'm still willing to go out this way.

it is to therapy anyway, i might as well look the part of a patient. mm...my therapist has the most comfortable couch! it isn't a conventional leather one - it's a very fluffy plush number with loads of pillows. i almost fell asleep on it once while i was talking...very hypnotic little piece of fluff...

anyhoo - i'll be off now. and once more, i strongly recommend you read when rabbit howls because, as it states at the beginning, the three faces of eve, sybil, and the minds of billy milligan were all written by psychologists and professional writers, but rabbit is written by the joint efforts of the 92 people inside miss chase (even though it is third-person narrative, it's still damn excellent). HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended ^-^ read it NOW.

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