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10:23 p.m. x 2003-06-28

you can't see it, but right now i'm smiling so big that my face is getting tired trying to hold it. but i can't STOP because thee most wonderful thing ever has happened - *huffs*


*orgasms* - 'tis a good thing.

i was just thinking earlier, because i think about these would i react to seeing him? i remember how i reacted to going to hanson concert when i was younger (you can't make fun of it if i can admit it!), and i tried to maintain composure so i could enjoy the sixth-row seats my mom had secured by sleeping outside the ticket booth one night. and what did i do? i CRIED. i cried my eyes out. i didn't know any one person could do that so freaking long, but it went on the whole concert. i'm a crier. i still am. i think i'm worse now.

oh perfect -_- clare, i apologize in advance. i won't cry loud. i'll sniffle. i won't wear mascara so it won't run too bad. but hey - in the outlandish event that jack might look over, which one of us will look human enough to garner the nice look? YOU, my dear ^-^ by then i would be sitting & hyperventalating. *smirks* - pity points!

*dances*, i'm having a very guilty day today. on top of the jack thing...i've spent most of the day in the throws of a "risky business" preoccupation. rachel & manda are having fun with that, i know. it furthers that suspicious "gay man" thing i already seem to have (that's such an accident, i don't even feel it has to be defended! it's not my fault that i never seem to meet straight men!!! that's their fault! hopefully -_-).

then there's madonna's new video, "hollywood". i really like it, even though i feel slightly guilty enjoying it because i'm not a big fan of recent madonna. and i'll keep saying that, even though i bought GHV2. but that video is very fun to looks very lachapelle-ish, even though it's jean-baptiste mondino, who i like too. i wouldn't mind directing a video someday...or doing photography, even though i can't handle cameras, and i must be the kind of person who makes you nervous. i don't know why but nobody ever wants me to take a picture of them.

hmm, *le sigh* it's the world against little myssi, most of the time. but right now i seem to be in an upswing. so...i'm going to go scream...but that's a good thing! it's a happy scream! it's a hooray scream, and it'll probably be to "violet" by hole! so yes...i'm going to go do that...right now...*MWAH!*

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