raders of the over-crowded flea market

4:21 p.m. x 2003-07-01

rural flea markets are veritable orgies of various counterfeiters and monitarily obsessive housewives who like arts & crafts a tad too much. occassionally one might find nice jewlery or a useful LP, but beyond that it's pure chance. so - while today was quite profitable, it was also very hot, very crowded...and very burnt and photocopied.

i have a bit of a low opinion for anyone who burns & poorly copies cds and then attempts to sell them. i don't know why, i'm as stingy as they are, but that is just...quite low. quite. the nicest thing, though, had to be bootleg man. bootleg man professionally copied concert posters and sold taped concerts, and i found a fast affinity with his work. walking away from the whole flea market thing with a hole poster, a bunch of jewlery, four albums (joan jett, simon & garfunkle, the pretenders, culture club), and many a fond memory made the rest of the day worth waking up at six.

so of course what to do after i've spent a lot of my mother's money? we went to the mall. *ahem* - this was not, despite what you may hear, my idea. it just happened, and my mother seemed to be quite loaded today. so, i do not regret the expensive perfume and makeup sephora overcharged me for! instead, i embrace it. sugar's "lollipop" lipstick and "habit" perfume...*orgasms*, lovely stuff. i recommend it.

*stares dreamily at the television* i want to watch "heavenly creatures" again. i watched it last night but that is a ten-viewings-per-rental kind of flick. manda just reminded me of my neglect to it the other day, and i'm making up for lost obsession. although if i'm going to watch it, the time might as well be now if i intend to coerce the mother and the auntie into watching "magnolia" with me this evening...*come under my power and submit to william h. macy!*

that - and i want to read venus in furs. i got a little accomplished in the car and i can tell it's going to be one of those reads finished within the day. i'm making up for not getting into psych and sociology (damn you alex!!! ^-^ <333 you have to tell me how those classes go, doll)! and so i'm off to read about masochism and watch murderous lesbians and continue to uphold the tradition of good clean fun upheld by this daylog.

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