up the beach

12:35 a.m. x 2003-07-04

we arrived at the beach at nine, and 'tis presently midnightish. i've been outside all day with only my wrists and face exposed to the sun - and now my wrists are giving me hell. they itch like MAD and they won't STOP...*scratch scratch*

what an interesting day, though. the beach is always full of colorful, vaguely offbeat things to amuse oneself with, even me. amongst this perfectly happy looking beachy outlet i found the place selling clockwork orange and the doors posters, and i bought a bratmobile album. that, and i found a small stand that sold stickers. now, concidering my taste in music, i am often left in the cold when it comes to such things. but, somehow, this stand possessed the cutest and most valuable thing to the very bored little kindwhore-binging me: a shiney red-and-pink heart-shaped hole sticker! now, that may not sound like much to you, but that little $2.50 made my day. i bought the three that she kept in stock.

after the oceanic outlet adventure and a brief interlude for lunch in a very hectic restaurant (mmm...lobster bisque, i shouldn't have but i did, and i don't really give the expected damn), we then moved on to water rides. this didn't work for me, being fully clothed and wearing makeup that, were i to cry, small children would mention me in therapy sessions for years to come. i look agh. so - i was stranded with mom, aunt, and debbie (i think she's my mother's cousin...i'm bad at this...), and we sat discussing randomness for a bit before mom & aunt leelee decided to abandon debbie and i for shopping. somehow two of the appendages (little sister, little brother, and debbie's daughter lexi) made it to the beach, but little bastard didn't go, and i wish he had. his voice was making me want to scrape off skin with a cheese grater aaaalllll daaayyyy.

winding down the evening, we found ourselves in an amusement park where myself and a girl around my brother's age spent a rediculous amount of time with the world's most insulting crane game. and it was HELLO KITTY, no less. it knew my weakness and honed in on it, i submitted...and blew 10+ bucks. they were lined up in neat little rows! it looked SO EASY! but, alas, 'twas not. and i'm hello kitty-less, but still way too happy about those hole stickers to care.

OOOOOO - and did i mention, the XELLARATOR?! this brilliant achievement of modern technology dries your hands after being subjected to a grimy public toliet within seconds! not only that, but your skin does the creepiest crypt-keeper thing while it's under that pressure! i made poor debbie do it, and she thought her skin would slide off. powerful indeed.

*yawn* - and now i must leave you! i have hello kitty stickers, too, and they're reminding me to write a strongly worded letter to sanrio concerning this sadistic crane game scheme...*plots*...<3

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