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3:12 p.m. x 2003-07-08

i'm trying my best not to be really upset, even though i've nothing better to do and i should just let myself cry and get it over with...

my therapist is leaving me.

she's going to work for an eating disorder clinic...i'll miss susan T__T she was my favorite therapist. i have one last appointment with her on monday, then i'll have to stop. i don't want to resume therapy right again with someone else and go through the whole mess...what's going on here? my therapist is leaving. jaypea's leaving. "friends" and "sex and the city" are leaving. brittany's leaving. EVERYTHING'S GONE!

i'm a taurus. i'm allowed to handle change badly. 'tis my birthright.

forgive me for not writing yesterday, as i forgot what day it was. i thought it was still sunday yesterday. i'm all confused -_-. MMM - my mother stopped to speak to clare's yesterday. very soon (end of the month), she and i shall go see the heavenly jack and then spend the evening at a nearby motel, basking in the paralyzing holy glow of stripedness. WOOHOO! i fear for the people in the room beside ours. they will have to endure two latent tiny-boppers screaming long into the night about a cute little ex-upholsterer.

so something good will happen soon. right now isn't that happy, i need to get away from right now. *cracks open a fortune cookie*..."you will never regret the present"...fuck you, cookie *viciously devours the eastern confection*.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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