come back to me a while

7:36 p.m. x 2003-07-10

for getting up at nine - my day went too fast.

i had to go all the way to my surgeon's office today at ten so he could take two minutes to say "okay! you're fine! come back in january!" i don't want to see another doctor for a while (he isn't a bad guy, i just need to not hear about my body for...a long long time, i've had my fill of that).

my mother and i went to panera for lunch, and inside it was freezing (and the speech teacher was there, too bad jaypea wasn't ^-^ i would've loved to see one more clash between them). it was virtually too cold to enjoy your meal, even if your meal is steamy chicken noodle swimming in bread. so my mother dragged me outside to the little umbrella-tables. there - a guy wouldn't leave us alone and it began to rain. and we happen to be stuck with the table without an umbrella. so we were forced to stalk a table where a couple were leaving and we took theirs, almost before they were finished, and the guy still bothered us.

and then i got sex and the city: kiss and tell. hooray for materialism filling that emotional void that is rampant and unnecessary L O N E L I N E S S. blah.

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