violent fetishes, kyle mclaughlan's bum, and the mysterious genesis of the quote "i'll fuck anything that moves"

1:46 a.m. x 2003-07-14

i watched "blue velvet" yesterday on the sundance channel, and my that was fun ^-^ i had to work to keep people out of my living room for two hours, which was a bit annoying, but overall i enjoyed myself immensely. i believe it's almost outdone "mulholland drive" as my favorite david lynch film. kyle mclaughlin's ass gets you points in any project, though.

*stares at her nail* - mm...japanese rose garden nail polish (pale pink) with little black dots in the middle are cute. i'm in an extremely femmy, makeup lingerie lacy frilly girly kind of upswing right now. and dammit i'm enjoying it. and even though i swore to myself i wouldn't get that proccupied with it...i am going to diet. i just want to work on looking my best and i know i could improve weight-wise. if i ever get so occupied with it i start keeping track of my weight in this diary, or talk about food in that meticulous "i shouldn't" way, slap me. hard. i hate diets - and my body image is quite a good one. i have good days and bad days like everyone else, but i realistically weigh more than i feel i should. so - BY THE END OF...AT BEST THIS COMING SCHOOLYEAR, I WILL MAKE GISELLE WILT UNDER THE OMNIPOWERFUL GLOW OF MYYY BEAUTY!!!

i can do that already, you know. but now - it'll be worse. oh yes it will.

i think this diary's getting a tad boring, though. i must work on my writing - i need to top myself, i'm in that ambitious mood. i'm just a bit looks-oriented now...i stopped listening to people long ago about my vanity thing. i like myself ^-^ i want me too look pretty. THUS...i'm off to get my beauty-rest (@_@ all three hours of it!) so i good you bid evening, au revoir ~ <333

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