i have earned my disillusions

3:24 p.m. x 2003-07-16

one would think my sleep-thing would've possibly straightened out my tendency to go to bed at 4:30. it didn't. i snapped right back into my insomnia last night, but hell - at least i slept @_@ and i talked to rachel and manda, and realized more that I MISS MY FRIENDS...and they do actually miss me, which is definitely nice. i thought the last day of school was going to cement the fact that i was the luggage friend. i still think i am, but maybe now they don't mind it. i do have other purposes - i usually have good food in my fridge and don't tell you to shut up terribly often.

hmm...my mother has bought me these huge hot pink rubbermaid containers for my room. you see, there's no room in there. everything is stacked on everything else and since i have no more desk (i swaped it for another bookshelf), papers carpet the floor. but they need to be there...if they're in boxes i'll forget about them and they'll be gone forever...

screw it! *shoves everything in her closet* i desperately need a bigger room. they stuck me in that closet back when i had post-puberty depression (4th grade...*ugh*) and no personal possessions...so they stuck me in the small white cubicle. that was fine then! now, now it is not fine. there's no room for anything!

*huff* alright, enough complaining. let's talk about something nice, shall we? liiike...joaquin phoenix (actor! actor!) as the abbe in "quills" ^-^ to this i say DAAAAMN - especially at the end, when he becomes crazy ex-abbe. *mmmmmm*...i watched it three times yesterday and i'm not done yet!

in fact, i think i'm going to go watch it again. and "l.i.e.", which is very good also. *MWAH!* ~ <333

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