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3:30 p.m. x 2003-07-20

forgive for the lack-of-entry. it's been a weird couple of days, if that's what you'd call them. nights is more apropriate because i haven't seen an entire day all week @_@. since i last left you...jordan and manda have visited, which was great because i was desperately lonely...jordan and i went on a bike ride (!!!) and manda and i saw "charlie's angels: full throttle". now - according to rolling stone, they "have a script this time". i'd like to meet these loons - this one seemed to have less of a script than the last one, or any other film i've seen recently! but it did it's job, which was occupy us for two hours ^-^.

this...and my sleeping has turned completely inside out. i am indeed sleeping now - from nine in the morning till five in the evening, most of the time. that's how things have been for me lately - a little good, a little bad, and always very weird. i discovered yesterday that my scar.store purchases had arrived ^-^ along with the fact that jack white was injured in a car crash @_@ and thus the concert is pushed back (BUT! not cancelled - so i still kind of reguard that as good). ah, and courtney love's new album is due out october. she had BETTER release it...or at best a single...i'm in a hole-swing right now and i need to hear more material from miss "america's sweetheart"...

i must be off now, but i leave you with a very thoughtful and conciderate quote;

"when i go out with the ladies, i don't force them to pronounce my name. i tell them i like to go by the nickname of kitten." - joaquin phoenix

aaawe ^-^ i'm beginning to like that one very much...<3

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