he will rule the world tonight

10:45 a.m. x 2003-07-24

*yawn*...up early, since i'm off to clare's a bit later, i thought i'd work an entry in before i got heavily into getting ready. feeling MUCH better, thanks to notes & things from two lovely individuals ^-^ and watching "my own private idaho"...that is definitely something i'll have to own.

river phoenix as a narcoleptic manwhore...*mmm* - including the best line ever (written by river, actually) even if it was directed at keanu reeves:

"i love you. and you don't have to pay me."

*le sigh*...that's beautiful T__T i got kind of choked up reading a little blurb about the preparation for that character (mike waters), who was based on a real portland street boy. he & river became really close while he was getting ready for the part...*sniff* that was really aaawe.

i ran out of adjectives. "aaawe" is pretty descriptive, though.

SQUEEEEEE!!! *little huffs of joy* joaquin (actor! actor!) was on letterman last night! that was a perfect cheer-up mechanism. really things haven't been terribly bad, you know...i'm just in a strange mental place. maybe venus is in a bad house, i don't know. but things have really shown signs of being good lately. i recieved my scarling. & joj orders, i've seen loads of good movies lately, jane's addiction released "strays", courtney love at least named her upcoming album and if there is a god it'll even come out on the set release date ("america's sweetheard", october 20-something...bah, i can't remember >-<;;;).

kristin davis is hosting vh1's pop culture icons thingie...!!! ah, alright, that may not matter to you, but she plays charlotte, my little fictional "sex and the city" heroine. i love her. she took the long route in getting her "six degrees of kevin bacon" connection though. she's on "sex and the city" with sarah jessica parker, and she was in footloose with kevin bacon. one degree!

*looks up at previous statement* i'm sorry, that was a bit sad. but it was pressing to be said, it's been bothering me all day. now, as i see i'm rambling, i'm going to go get a drink and prepare myself for the clare ^-^ a million *MWAH!s* for everyone today (especially dami & clare, who were so nice yesterday!).

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