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3:31 p.m. x 2003-07-27

my aunt left before i properly woke-up today...if i said goodbye to her i wasn't concious when i did it. i'm quite sick of this sleep-thing...among other behavioral oddities...i think i'm going to take my therapist's advice and speak with a neurologist about my insomnia and my short-term memory (seeing as i don't sufficiently have one).

at times it is annoying to not remember what you've been doing for the past three hours or what the hell you've just called someone about, but other times it's relieving...i have a feeling i don't want to examine the memories my short-circuited little brain has cleared off. i only want to remember nice things...which is part of the reason this diary is here. it's making up for my lack of a short-term memory.

*sputter*...i bought candy and sybil within the past few days, and sybil has accidentally been left to the care of clare until we reunite. candy is entertaining me in the meantime...it was banned in it's native china for honesty and i chose it over a book on the kennedies, so i have high hopes for this thing...

my dad is returning "my own private idaho" today. that was such a beautiful movie...it's a shame river phoenix had to die, he was going in such a brilliant artistic direction. his character made me cry...i felt very close to it. the little sporadic prostitute. i'm going to have to buy that when i go shopping next...that and "strays". i must own that, "just because" is a brilliant little single and it isn't even supposed to be the best cut on the album. i love perry ferral's voice dearly, even though i can barely sing along with him...his voice's register is so high it makes me sound like a man by comparison...

*twirls around* i got a new dress. clare calls it the jackie o dress, but alas i couldn't find a suitable black pillbox hat to match it. it's very charlotte york-esque, and i love it even though it's pitifully short. with my nice long sweater thing it looks fantastic...and my baret, affectionately called monica.

i know it isn't the best to be overly concerned with how you look, but i like how it takes my mind off other things. i'm very pretty, and i'm going to work it like hell because it makes me feel good about myself. i can't name that many people with a good outlook on their body, so this arena makes me feel *special*.

i'm going to go bounce around my room and listen to "my sharona", but before i go i'd just like to say a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! to tori, dami, jordan, and clare for their comments on the previous entry ^-^ people like you are the dearest things in my life right now.

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