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7:43 p.m. x 2003-07-29

most of today was putzing about the tenth amish circle of hell avec le clare, where we ran into the stoned little art student that first introduced me to jack off jill. he didn't remember me, needless to say, but it was rather justifying to find him working in a quickie mart after being more than a little elitist with me when he was a senior.

bah. 'twas fun nonetheless. i got a diet dr. pepper ^-^ which made me happier than it should be allowed to. i was starving...and i've just devoured a subway sandwich in record time @_@. even the meals served in "whatever happened to baby jane" began to look appetizing after a while.

on the emotional front...i spent four hours last night typing away this very long, refreshing exorcism that left me extremely tired and relieved, and today was the first day in forever i feel mostly alright. my head is no longer a-buzz and somehow reading a little princess has improved my mood greatly. i LOVE that book...that, and amy the dancing bear by carley simon and i am really a princess are very good mementos from my childhood that i rescued from the "big pink thing" that my mother bought to shove all my old belongings in.

without a doubt..."extroverted uterus". priceless. bonus points and a gold star for them and whoever searched for "jaypea".

*random squeals of yayness* CHARLOTTE'S GETTING MARRIED!!! i know, 'tis an incredibly sad thing to get happy about, but she's my favorite "sex and the city" character and i want her to finish the show on a happy note. happy things are happening...i'm going to see my aunt again soon. courtney love's record is "due" in october (though this would be a stupid thing to get my heart set on, concidering...record release dates are stupid misleading things. the release date that i set for all my future recordings is "it's ready when it's ready - go play with the cat").

i'm going to go stare at jack white now, and resent renee zellweger with every ounce of my being because i can...

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