i can't tell you how proud i am, writing down things that i don't understand

6:28 p.m. x 2003-07-30

it's taken me two days to download the white stripes' "black math" video - and at last! it's finally worked. oh they'll be fun to watch live...especially for clare. i, on the other hand, will grow incredibly red and hysteric and make desperate huffing noises in a failed effort to breathe in the presence of john a. gillis. clare, if you angrily tell me to shut up, i'll understand. i can't guarentee that i will, but i'll try.

i feel very bad for his poor hand...it's kind of a sad thing, you know - "broken finger - NO CONCERT!" but concidering how important the guitar playing is, it's wholly understandable. BUT...i still bitterly, adolescently blame it on RENEE. why? i am a rabid teenage fan of the rockstar she is dating. it's practically in my job description to hate her, or i may as well hand in my fan card (you bet your ass i have one). she was in the car, UNHARMED, when he crashed it...i sense a CONSPIRACY here! dundundunnn.

*ugh* - and this is how i've spent my day thusfar. coming up with random conspiracies and plots for childrens' tv series so not to go mad from boredom...oo no wait. there is something to be done! i must email le tweak, who came by for a visit this morning while i was (what else @_@) ASLEEP...satan. she deserves a hello, even if it is from me. so whilst i do this and search for a vhs copy of "please take care of my cat", i encourage you to leave a comment. hope you've enjoyed the two minutes it took to read this ^-^.

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