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12:43 a.m. x 2003-08-01

as i hopped on aol today, a little chill when up my spine when i saw the little news blurb. far more chilling than the death of barry white and/or bob hope (although i miss barry white...if you were shocked by bob's death you're worthy of speculation - the man's been dying since i was a toddler) - WHAT'S WITH THIS ANTI-GAY-MARRIAGE SENTIMENT?!?! i won't rant, instead i direct you to dami's diary, as she is more articulate with her anger than i am with mine.

ah but myssi-world is experiencing a slight upswing, despite the EVIL PRESEDENCY (and...popency...how would you put that? papality? bah...) at work. tweak and i are going to the movies tomorrow! most likely to see "pirates of the carribean", which has something for both tweak (bloom) and i (depp). so i must delay my anticipation to see "american wedding", which i'm eager to see because i'll just bet it sucks. sucks, i add, only in comparison to the previous two - which will suck far better than other movies i've seen in my life time. in other words: i'm sure it'll be good, but you cannot match the brilliance of jason biggs' expression as he turns about and mutters "it's not what it looks like".

creepily enough, i never liked apple pie before seeing that movie. now it's not bad, but the experience of eating one is tarnished by the thought of the poor innocent little pastry being sexually assaulted.

oh dear.

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