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10:25 p.m. x 2003-08-02

i love "suspiria" - the english-speaking italian film. it brings me warmth & joy on this cold, strange evening. err, only cold for me because my room is getting blasted with the AC, but i'd rather that be the case than be roasting as i was most of this summer, which is nearing its anticlimactic plunge into JUNIORISM.

one more year after this, and then a year of and then college. yippi skippi! life begins!

life, as it currently is, has been getting increasingly more okay-ish. within the past few days i've seen/heard from the following: clare, tweak, manda, jordan, and brittany ^-^ not bad, concidering i've been alone most of the past three months. it's been mostly my fault, since i've slept through every day. but i don't regret it. i needed a rest. now i need to concentrate on writing my little reviews that she (the new satanic english teacher) wants me to do and working up some "original compositions" about the horrors of our generation.

upon preparing for this, i've realized how little experience i have in the area. i'm more used to writing about the twisted little products of my fantasies, but ah! this is a challenge! working within a realm where i have to pay attention to whether or not this would ever really happen or not. i like it so far, and the poetry she's making me read isn't too bad. i owned one ("mirror" by sylvia plath) and one's an old favorite ("fire and ice" by robert frost) which i think was somewhere in blonde, but i do not remember...

there are three more poems and three books @_@ that i'm supposed to find and i haven't yet. so i suppose i ought to go looking for these soon.

meh...i'm not ready to go back to school.

hmm, i have a tres lovely white stripes layout that i've just recently completed. should i? i shall soon, but i think i'll wait. i'm terrible, i haven't even had an oppertunity to say thank you to the people who thought this layout was nice. public THANK YOU to all ^-^, as if it suffices.

i'm off to work against my will, goodnight!

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