no chanel

3:19 a.m. x 2003-08-06

'tis of late, and i'm on satans' computer. i'd just like to state that there's a statewide conspiracy against me. it's chanel, and the evil cute adorable purse that i wanted that i had the money for that they make and they purposely didn't stock up on!


i did get a nice purse, though. and i rented a c-rate movie called "bleed" and was moved to fits of uproarious laughter by the flashback. i strongly suggest that one evening, when terribly board, you run out and enjoy "bleed" with a diet coke, some cheese popcorn, and an easily frightened companion that you can mock throughout. "street zombies" will have to be next - that coming attraction makes it worthy of checking out.

for pure bad taste and total lack of polish or aestheticism, movies like that rate much higher than things such as "gigli". at least they are bad and make no apologies about it. hooray for plotless c-rated horror films!

now, i took a nap at noon and they let me sleep...*tisk*. it's 3:30 and i have to be somewhere, functioning, at ten. to sleep or not to sleep?

i'll think about it and get back to you.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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