cute bubbly kristin davis vs. gloomy ominous white stripes - decisions decisions...

7:49 p.m. x 2003-08-09

you're due for another layout, diary. but which one? i have a cute, bubbly one featuring kristin davis/charlotte york, and i have kind of a moody, darker one with the white stripes. i'm proud of both, but i'm torn between the two. if you have any input, it's appreciated. i like this layout but i'm unhappy with how it looks in certain resolutions. and it's a tad cluttered.

i may just try both. we shall see. i was flipping through my friends' various diaries, i was struck by alex's, which reminded me to go finish "ring". buy the book. it's quite a read. it is different from the movie...there's still a video that kills you a week after you watch it, but samara/sadako's more complex, and she's a hermaphrodite. gotta love that.

*urgent note*
my brother is a rabid flock of seagulls fan...and i'm the one making an appointment for a neurologist?
*end of urgent note*

updated the 50 things by the way, which was in desperate need of revision. and still is. i'm never happy with anything. except my purse ^-^ which wasn't the one i set out for, but in many ways exactly what i wanted. and i got a little "glamourette" set, by benefit. if you do not own one, i'm sure you deserve to. at least i'll look put-together upon returning to school, even if i'm not.

hmm, i like how on they don't say "one size fits all", because - as we all know - one size does not fit all. they say "one size fits most", and i think more stores should follow en suit. despite all, this is an extremely cute little website. i'm going to her boutique upon the next NY-excursion, whenever that may be. it should be soon, because we haven't been back in redneck wonderland for more than a few days and i'm already starting to get agoraphobic (fear of wide spaces, which you would have if you lived on a corn peninsula) again. so to compensate, i'm going to curl into my nice, cramped room and watch "valley of the dolls" and "a little princess" for the third time each. au revoir ~ *hugs for everybody!*

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