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1:21 p.m. x 2003-08-10

"it's interesting to speculate what might have driven that family mad. are they just degenerate? and is the film quietly - or not so quietly - suggesting that rural isolation can drive you nuts? certainly country living appears anything but healthy..."

"three words draw thoughts of horror and dread in my mind, 'massacre' 'chainsaw' & 'texas'. ed gein never had it like this. but goddamn if he wouldn't enjoy it a a cent less."

- the good people of imdb on rural horrors

i was accosted by suspicious dreams last night...one was of a very bates motel-esque place where manda and i were spending an evening, and while we were eating at the kfc in it's lobby ("must be a dream" i dream-think to myself "manda's eating a nugget") we are rushed by a psychopath. in order to escape, we steal a truck from the parking lot (now we know it's a dream because i'm driving), and it smells even more like chicken than the kfc (what is with my dream state? no wonder my body fights sleep). we go speeding down the roadway and eventually wind up at a place we once (in real life) went on a field trip, and as we found my mother in the gift shop she yelled at us for driving in a stranger's truck (though not for stealing it), never mind that it was in order to escape a raving lunatic hotel-owner.

that's the subconcious for you. perhaps this is what a person deserves after her fifth consecutive viewing of "valley of the dolls" in two days. i was singing "i'll plant my own tree" in the bath last night...something in my mind must by giving way.

*admires the new layout* mmmm, charlotte gets married tonight!!! i'm excited. this is my event for the week. then the 14th is clare's party and the 21st is brittany's tattoo, then...*shudders*...a return to evil. but not yet. let us enjoy this short bit of happiness we have left before the satanic staff of miserable appalachians suck the very life from us. and yay! charlotte's wedding!

what is with these lads that i have to allow up to 30 days for shoes to arrive? what are the shoes doing within the month that i order them and the day they arrive? i ordered the most adorable "water goblin mary janes" (though they don't resemble a sea creature, really they're quite adorable looking), but the oppertunity to see them is being held off until sometime in september, it seems. and i'm not sure about this pair, either. i ordered them but will they ever appear? i hope so. i got the shiney ones ^-^.

you know what? in order to pick myself up, i'm celebrating charlotte's marriage. that's right. i'm having my own little party thing as i sit and watch hbo tonight at nine, rejoicing in the happiness of a virtually nonexistant individual (played to utter perfection by the lovely young woman on your left). i'm doing a lot better now, but every little perk helps.

which is why i think i need to see "valley of the dolls" ooone more time...*gets a grip* alright, i'm out. <3 to everyone ^-^.

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