5:48 p.m. x 2003-08-11

straight from the holy email;

THEY RESCHEDULED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- the holy clare

WOOHOO!!!! november 21st, we SHALL see our holy adorable invalid (and his accompanying trinity of anatomical autoparts), and meg, LIVE! AT LAST!!! WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!

this is cause for...something. clare, i owe you something, but i don't know what yet. i shall have to find something suitably stunning, a gift for xmas most likely. i wonder how much the sexy raison costs...we should make him take the test and i'll see if i can scrape it together.

on a completely seperate, rather mundane, note - "rock is dead" and le "bookshelf" have been updated to include the results of mindless compulsive spending. it has yet to include the albums my aunt's donated to the occupy-k@ri fund, one of which is an original print of "cheap thrills" and another "sonny & cher: live". interesting things come your way in a charity situation.

*flips through books* gia and marilyn monroe are my companions for today. marilyn may be the template tragic celebrity but her story doesn't hold a candle to gia's. marilyn was bubbly, gia was dark. i re-watched the movie avec miss jolie last night, if you haven't seen it i recommend it. i cried. i told my mother about it and she cried. it's universal truth: nobody likes to see pretty amazonian lesbians die. it just isn't right.

agh, and for now i'll be off to go sort through some miscellaneousness and find a suitable viewing option pour la clare's thursday event. i'm thinking "doom generation", which is forever a favorite of manda & i, so i think it's worth the gamble. tweak & alex's male cannot attend, but they are with us dans l'esprit ^-^.

AND HOORAY FOR CHARLOTTE!!!, who is married now. ^-^ yippee!

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