the eastern heavy metal dance of seduction

1:25 p.m. x 2003-08-13

i can't explain why exactly, but late last evening as i was brushing my hair and the "st. anger" video came on tv, i felt possessed to do this elaborate eastern-inspired dance in the middle of my overcrowded room. that was pretty damn good too, concidering the fact that i can't dance and don't mind it. i think it's vulgar when done wrong, and soooo many people do it WRONG. especially "FLASHDANCE"...i'm sorry but that jerky, less-than-fluid, sweaty, workout dancing isn't what i like out of a physically demanding performance. even some ballet gets on my nerves.

i took ballet when i was little, and at the last minute (as in right before we went on), the teacher told me i had to lead my class in the recital. it was supposed to have been some fat girl but instead they thrust me out in front. i already looked really spastic, i don't want to imagine what i looked like when frightened. i would've cried if i could have, i always cried when something scared me. i still do. not only this - but i'm not afraid of anything rational. jack nicholson, the amish, abba, baldness...i'm not going to list oompa loompas because they're a very rational fear...and just as i can't explain what attracts me to tom cruise, i can't really make out why the sound of "take a chance on me" sends me diving under my bedspread.

on yet another unrelated, boring note; the "life story" has been given a major, much needed overhaul and is still being poked at. i have yet to include a blurb about my celtic zodiac (willow), and a few other gratuitous details, so you're in for that...goodi goodi...

now i'd love to stay & chat but i have somewhere to be (much later, but i have to start assembling things now), and i must go prowl the kitchen for something suitable for breakfast. adieu ~ !!!

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