green tea intoxicants and rampant cookie dough: the evening with clare

11:32 p.m. x 2003-08-15

after the much-missed amanda b. and her companions mandy and erin departed, and the equally missed catie ventured off to babysit, clare, manda, alex, and myself were left to our own devices that stretched until seven this morning, when alex went off to work, and nine when manda & i returned to our respective homes. in between all this, there was laughter, deep conversation (not too much - just enough), and a rousing chorus of "if i were gay" by your hostess.

all in all - a splendid event. it'll be the only good thing about school, seeing some of the aformentioned more often. against their will, no less. given the chance, i don't mind anyone avoiding me at all costs. i wouldn't have minded avoiding me these past few days - i'm beaten up and pitiful, physically and mentally. i was in a dizzying amount of pain early this morning but i'm doing much better now. two baths and another few chapters of gia are greatly helping to improve my health.

*ugh* - i'm allergic to outdoors.

AH! and before i forget, the wonderful news has finally arrived: NO LONGER IS MY FATHER UNEMPLOYED! whee!

evening evening ^-^

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