notes on a return to hell

8:37 p.m. x 2003-08-17

to begin with, one of the individuals (there were a few) who were the cause of great agitation last year has relocated to my favorite city. in light of this, i feel very sorry for the city and very happy for me. the asshole's pursuing a modelling career, and i hope he may secure a whopping drug problem as well.

...he threw ice at me, the bastard...

next - i've discovered my schedule for the first day thrust back into the jaws of brick-laden death. health first - which is good. i don't mind it and it sounds like i could sleep through it. it's a half credit, i bet i can. math then falls in my most-often-slept-through period. i'm good in algebra, surprisingly, and i can get by on a 70 this time. *phew*. then english, which already promises to suck with great enthusiasm, which practically looks foreward to sucking...*UGH* i won't even go there. but it won't be fun, i know it. all my english companions last year failed, so i have to carve out new coconspirators this year. then lastly...2D art. that promises to be fun, even though i despise the art program at our building. maybe i'll get some nice things in the art show this year. they used some of my stuff last time, but i think that's just because i intimidated mr. mell...and i have photo all year? bah.

as long as this year is an improvement upon the last. i'll say i won't take any bullshit this year but watch, i'll cave in on myself within a week. i expect the councelor to be quite sick of me by october. it's a bit strange not to loathe the coming of french this year, as i don't have it, but manda & tweak (whome i miss INCREDIBLY and is in the meantime in pursuit of the elusive antisocial andy!) are braving a fourth course together. good luck to them, from alex and myself and all others who escaped after the requirement was up.

thank god i only have to do this once more after this @_@. good luck to everyone else making the plunge.

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