a fit of royally stupid and gratuitous PAIN

10:17 a.m. x 2003-08-21

oh DEAR SWEET LORD. novocaine is the devil's spit - they had to shoot my gums up this morning even after i politely declined (i had a very small cavity and i was very in need of breakfast), and as i sat in the waiting room for hours on end waiting for a parent to return, i found "wow - you can't feel a thing!" mischief ensues. i didn't know exactly what i'd done and to what extent until i got home.

ladies and gentlemen...the inside of my mouth has been ravaged. it's a good thing, brittany, that you're missing me today because it's terrible. it'll be alright come hell but right now i don't really care to open my mouth...merr. although i'm feeling a little emotionally better, which is suspiciously ironic. i stayed up late last night dancing to "chicago" and putting my extra non-schoolish notebook to good use.

*nurses the mouth*...meep my poor mouth. oh well i needed to shut up. this is a blessing in disguise, i'm sure. yes - a reason to curl into bed with a cold beverage and watch "sex & the city" to my heart's content. i may as well take advantage of it - i can't do that for long. not all day, anyway. the advantage of having 4 classes a day that last as long as most people's 7 is a dwindling amount of homework. at least i never seem to have any. but that's six good hours stolen from my day that are better used otherwise...sssatan...

it's a shame that this mouth thing doesn't prevent me from complaining to you, little diary. but that's why you're here and that's why i love you ~ *MWAH!* evening everyone <3.

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