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3:40 p.m. x 2003-08-30

"fever to tell" by the yeah yeah yeahs is quite easily the sexiest album i own - and i love that. it's a wonderful album - clever, catchy, deep, and MAD FUCKING SEXY!...and one thing doesn't deplete the others at all.

*supresses jealousy*

if i could turn back time - i would've written the following
the guitar riff in "loser" by beck
the second guitar solo in "ball & biscuit" by the white stripes
all the lyrics to the album "pretty on the inside"
the beat to "miss independant" (that's right - i would've liked to write that piece of shit)
the drums on "the beautiful people" by marilyn manson
"enter sandman" by metallica
the guitars in "art star" by the yeah yeah yeahs
the viola part in "venus in furs" by the velvet underground
"jolene" by dolly parton
and "all you need is love" by the beatles

i would think that would ensure me some kind of carreer.

*flips through rolling stone* hmm, the greatest guitarists of all time, amateur porn, and hilary duff. i'm in for one hell of an issue. awe! jack's #17! even with a trinity of toolshed mechanisms in his dear little hand he manages to kick the ass of angus, bo diddly, george, and the laddy from the red hot chili peppers. you know this sort of thing pleases him in private - although if he really IS an emotionless blues android (which i doubt, concidering stories i've heard), that somehow makes him more appealing to me.

SQUEEEE!!! and i get to witness the awe and excitement of the aformentioned blues android come november. there will be much rejoicing, much pseudorgasming, and - on myssi's part - much anxiety attacking. *rolls her eyes* i'm now realizing i've been seeing a therapist for the wrong purpose. as long as i remain the way i am, a relationship with a man, platonic or otherwise, is quite damn near impossible.

and none of them like me anyways - *pouts*. it isn't really something i should bother to worry about anyway. the average IQ of a local boy my age here would be the rough equivalent of a throw pillow or a dust mop on a good day. then factor in pot and a peculiar pseudosouthern slur and you have a grand population of WALKING TOASTER OVENS, which manda has thus deemed obsolete in society.

rural america has made me a misanthropy. i need to be someplace less stupid and appreciate humanity again (like i ever did to begin with...*shakes her head sullenly*). christ we'd be doomed as a race if it wasn't for the yeah yeah yeahs. once everyone procreates like they rock the world will be a far better place.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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sensitive heart, you're doomed from the start
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anybody can be just like me, obviously.
not too many can be like you, fortunately.
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