life is real when you're DREAMING and life is a dream when you're REELING

12:50 p.m. x 2003-08-31

in a dizzying haze of "when the kite string pops" and small crashing waves of lust, i had a series of the most wonderful hallucinations that eventually fluxuated into a series of the most wonderful dreams i've EVER experienced!!! even though they had more to do with "glass vase cello case" (which, if you haven't heard it yet - agitated has available to download) than "dr. seuss is dead", i still feel mr. riggs was more than a little responsible for them, his voice being MMMMM...he, manyard, and lou reed are the only sexy male vocalists i can think of right off the top of my head...but they all do such a good job at it there's no need for a surplus of them.

speaking of male vocalists (although this is a completely different, much lower league therein) - did you see justin timberlake at the VMAs? *cough* "MAKE SOME NOISE!" - the lad looked like one of those overly exuberant dads trying to be cool, a phrase i've in the past directed at david lee roth. *tisk tisk* what's going on here?! this is the man millions of girls are supposedly pining after?

suddenly i'm grateful for any and all sexual dysfunction i possess, real or neurotically imagined. i'm probably better off that way.

tomorrow promises a possible outing with the dynamic duo of CLARE&TWEAK! two of the most wonderful underclassmen ever. you've no clue how i love them. some people are just inherently fantastic (you know who you are, i shouldn't have to say it, should i?) and if i could build a taj mahal (*cough* i'm sure that's misspelled) for them, i would in a heartbeat <3.

ciao ~ !

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