dear frustrated superstar, your mother's waiting in the car

2:35 p.m. x 2003-09-01

outing avec le clare this morning, making lively mall rounds and running into joshie boy, who we chatted with far longer than intended. secured a book. saw a doll i'm coveting like the dickens. currently experiencing a massive crash after enjoying myself immensely.

so - as is my life right now, something really good happens and then i just kind of sod off and a little misery blanket wraps about my limbs. i've seen "halloween" nine times this week thanks to this paralyzing state of desperation and am determined to write some elaborate thesis statement on the virtues of michael myers.

i get the distinct feeling that he meant well the entire time, he was just misunderstood and more than a little upset with the state of his surroundings. haven't we all been there? let's give it up for mikey m.

*sputter* i need another movie to transfix myself with. in light of vh1's recent 70's "thing" i was going to get "taxi driver" and "deliverance" but this fell through. i may rent "house of 1000 corpses" but i'm just not in that cheesey horror mood. even "texas chainsaw massacre" is pushing it - just because of the noises leatherface makes. i sincerely hope they make him a bit more cannibally sinister in this remake. or i'll just have to beat somebody up.

isn't it curious - leatherface and hannibal lecter were based on the same individual (ed gein...who to the best of my knowledge, well - i don't know whether or not he killed anyone and was apprehended for it...and he was an exceedingly socially handicapped individual - leatherface: yes, lecter: mer)...what's the cinematic world coming to? that's what they mean by "based on a true story" - a raving butcher from texas based on a handicapped farmboy from milwaukee. at least thomas harris had the good sense not to claim there's a hannibal running about somewhere. you get a gold star, tommy.

look what my life's come to. minilibido has been crashing and annoying my brain a lot lately. i don't particularly like dwelling on boys. i prefer to ignore the subject all together until i find one willing to reciprocate...otherwise i feel like i'm paying for nothing. crushes are a really unpleasant thing for me, and this one's driving me out of my skull. thus the wonderful thing about rockstar boys...i never have to meet them. i hardly want to (though i'd be lying my ass off if i said it didn't intrigue the hell out of me). but i can sit in my room and listen to them telling them the love me over and over whenever i want to. it feels a little more even that way. you adore the musician and they give you their music, which seems pretty damn even to me.

@_@ ugh, there's much more i'd like to rant about, but for the safety of certain individuals (myself mostly), i shall stop here. au revoir, and "happy september" (mer - oo, manda's birthday on the 29th! <3).

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