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3:46 p.m. x 2003-09-04

let's give juanes a round of applause for winning big time at the latin grammies. who doesn't love "luna"?! brilliance, sheer brilliance.

alrighty - today was infinitely better than days past for some reason. it began with me wanting to go quite columbine on everyone though...i was in a very bad state in first block. last evening the power went out when i was doing my homework, leaving me powerless to complete my assignments that i was going to get yelled at for majorly if they turned up incomplete.

the english woman understood, the math woman did not. she just yelled. ah well - she resembles a muffin. explicitly so.

i hope to speed quickly and effortlessly through tomorrow so to reach saturday. we've discontinued gimpy's involvement in our outing, which is better anyway, and pleased everyone except bethany who hasn't irritated him in years - you haven't missed anything. oh and what years they were...

well so far this year i've managed to make one new friend in a friendless class - chris, the hyper freshie. he is on many levels a male tweak - rather small and the verbal equivallent of mad rabbit sex (in a wonderful way, of course - this is why we love them). ah underclassmen...i'm so sick of them. graduation will be a huge relief (and then i am the underclassman and no one expects anything of me! YAAY!!!).

hmm - it seems i've run out of things to say today. so i'll be on my way, but not before i urge you to go download "luna" by juanes and dance...

and lots and lots of <33333 to dami! (i loved this entry - i can't believe how many of these people crawl about the earth...)

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