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6:09 p.m. x 2003-09-06

outing-day with manda & bethany was FABULOUS! couldn't have planned for better (that is - the glaring fact that two of our anticipated companions were missing is obsolete as a deciding factor - it will be good when they join us next time). we made our rounds about the amishland strip mall and saw "pirates" - my third time, manda's second, and bethany's first. it truely is the bonding movie. we also made our merry way through the local wally world and bethany & i decided we were going to go on a mission to become WALMART PIRATES. we'll pilfer the popular chain and you will know our stores by the conspicuous hat & patch on the smiley face. bethany's the captain, i'm the first mate, manda sits in the crows nest, and brittany (who we happened upon in the clothing aisle) can be the one with the hook. arrrrgh!

and what makes it all perfect is that after having such a great time, my mood didn't crash when i got home. i think this was due in part to two smart shopping choices ("chain gang of love" by the raveonettes and "all hands on the bad one" by sleater-kinney) and what i now concider one of the greatest films ever made: MAY.


"may" is a perfect cinematic exercize in feeling *different*. the main character is very much myself on so many obscure, shockingly correct levels. if you haven't seen it (what the hell is wrong with you?!), then here's the plot in a nutshell: a little girl named may is born with a lazy eye which her parents try to fix when she's young with the help of a "pirate patch" (it starts out painfully funny for such a moving drama...), and when this not only fails to aid the problem AND repells the general poulation, may's mother teaches her the mantra "IF YOU CAN'T FIND A FRIEND - MAKE ONE!" and gives her a suspicious doll named susie. so may (angela bettis - the anorexic janet in "girl, interrupted" - she deserves some prestigious award) grows up with susie as her only friend, talking to her and listening as if she is a real person. her penchant for sewing leaves her thumb callous enough to prick without any pain, thus spawning her habit of pricking it and sucking some of the blood. this and the talking-to-the-doll prepetually beats out the lazy eye as the major alienation factor, and ultimately makes may repellant to anyone & everyone (including a horror movie producer with beautiful hands, who particularly pissed me off). after a few more misadventures with people around her (a flirtatious lesbian secretary and a jujubee addict played by james duvall, who has managed to be in all my favorite movies - "the doom generation", "donnie darko"...), may deduces that while people may have beautiful parts, nobody is terribly great as a whole. and so what else does a sewing enthusiast do? she cuts up her wrongdoing "friends" and sews their better parts together. it contains one of the most, hmm..."contented" endings i've ever seen in a movie, as well as the one of the most interesting sequence with blind kids & broken glass.

anyway, SEE IT if you haven't yet. yessssssssss. and next time we're outing...sara & gimpy are NOT allowed to be detained (avoidably or unavoidably) or we'll sick our demonic pirate crew on you (one more arrrgh!).

on the technical side: new dami button on the "escape" page and updated "rock is dead" (at last - like you need to know @_@ i just thought it'd be worth mentioning that i do try & pay attention to the basic upkeep of this sad little diary ~). okay now, i'm done. evening evening <3.

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