the dark bowels of man's depravity (a very fucked spectacle)

6:30 p.m. x 2003-09-07

for the record, i have nothing against christianity in general. it's like art - art is not bad but an artist can be. christianity isn't inherently bad, but there are some seriously bastard christians. i've known some, and i've also known some great people who just happen to be christians. but today, i think i've seen the worst of the lot on the sundance documentary "hell house".

never before have i yelled so much at the television in my life, nor do i believe it will happen again. THAT was REDICULOUS. it was a church...somewhere...that put on a "hell house" every halloween, wherein people would go through like it was an amusement park funhouse and watch what would send you to hell and what would happen when you got there.

of course, EVERYONE knows things such as going to a rave and being a victim of incest and being gay are PERFECT grounds for eternal damnation @_@, i'm surprised the small child with cerebral palsy wasn't condemned for having a mental handicap. ugh - that was the most disgusting display of humanity i've ever seen. it's one thing to want to send a positive message out to others, it's another to take a sick pleasure in scaring the bejesus and general humanity out of them. *tisk tisk*.

i don't remember the last time (or if ever) i was that reviled by something. and it wasn't just the blatant disreguard for the feelings of others, but the suspicious sense of delight the kids got out of acting out battery and rape and suicide and they'd say "well i don't know it doesn't apply to me" and dadadadada FUCK - it's a bad thing that happens to people, you're supposedly doing something to prevent it, and you're still repelled by those who've gone through it themselves.

it is stupidity at its purest to judge that which you know nothing about.

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