like zombies eating dust in mexico

5:59 p.m. x 2003-09-14

i did essentially nothing today. i decorated a cake and i read the traci lords autobiography. right now i'm talking to clare about our favorite subjects - bad kid's cable access programs, the dynamic duo of chip & pepper of "the look for less", ron jeremy, "fungers" (novelty plungers), and radio hits of the '70s and '80s. and lest we forget, everybody's favorite topic - NAAAVY seals!

who else saw the end of benandjen coming? i foresaw this way before the end of john ritter. my appreciation for johnny cash can not replace the impact "three's company" has had on my life. i miss john ritter T__T.

and i miss tweak. and clare. and kara. and catie. and josh. who were so great on friday evening and i hope they don't resent me @_@. *ugh* i hate being neurotic. i'm going to go shake off this messy blockage and watch "sex & the city". <3 you all, better entries lay ahead...

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