"diaryland ate my entry!"

5:21 p.m. x 2003-09-15

it's like "dingos ate my baby!" or some such. yes - amusement is encouraged but not necessarily guarenteed, i know...i know...

quick run-through of today's events: the wonderful 7 have been elevated to 13, going to catie's this weekend, the director of the drama club's skin is the consistency of aged rice pudding, concerting 11 october avec le clare, le tweak, el kara et el joshee, WE MISS ALIYA !!!!!, watched "carnivale" - loved it, lined up an upcoming layout, fordham university has resumed pestering me...and you MUST pick up a copy of THIS. trust me, it's worth hours of fun. but i don't know if it has the one with the bean in the sombraro singing "heyzoo te yama" over and over (was that correct? i took french, remember).

i know you were promised a real entry @_@ but i suppose you're going to have to wait until something happens...which is soon...as of now the most interesting thing i can think of is to list the many misadventures of dan's (greasy dan, not alex's dan) cat. but even that seems a bit too overwhelming to just spring on you all of the sudden. night night!

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