zachem khochu tebya seichas ne znayu?

7:13 p.m. x 2003-09-16

hit of the day: desktop lesbian babes - oh yes ^-^ they're to be found here.

not terribly far into the year yet, and already things are shaping up to be worlds better than previous experiences. i had to stop in with le counselor today to report to her how everything was coming along, and it was nice to just reflect and realize how much is going so RIGHT! and a lot actually is.

for will never EVER know HOW WONDERFUL THESE TWO are <333 and kara. and catie. and josh. and-manda-and-sara-and-bridget-and-ryan-and-jordan-and-bethany-and-amanda.b-and-alex-and-heather-and-chris-and-WOW! i know amazing people. some of these people probably didn't even know what they did for me, but they don't have to. they're just really really wonderful <3. the two in really big letters though deserve a special little spotlight though.

tweak & clare are sincerely incredible - the cutest, purest beings on the planet. i've never felt more loved or comfortable around anyone before them. just to see tweak's smile or talk to clare when i'm having an off day perks me up impossibly. screw the tea - they deserve all the cookies and gold stars in china <333.

mer - 'tis of late and i am due to be daydreaming in my room at a time that is roughly now. child development tomorrow (and in free period as well)! must remember to speak with shannon about the coffee house plan. you have no choice but to be continually updated on the process as this is my diary. evening everyone <3 !!!

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