7:30 p.m. x 2003-09-17

if someone says "sweater vests are sexy" and you wear a sweater vest KNOWING THIS - you are inviting some kind of touching. CLARE - remember this!

mmm - today BEGAN wonderfully. it began with a very good certification of a very nerve-racking suspicion that had the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME <333 !!! and then photo, in which myself, chris, strange dan (the dan that does not belong to alex), and another girl who looks suspiciously like sam but is not all got stuck in the dark room. dan pretended to snort developer and all was right with the world. i honestly don't remember most of the rest of the day, except that afterwards clare & i embarked on one of our epic tours about redneck wonderland. 'twas a wonderful experience ^-^.

I HOPE THE MONTHLY (errr?) SLEEPOVER IS SOON!!! because i miss seeing everyone in a nonschoolastic environment. WE NEED UNBRIDLED MISCHIEVIOUSNESS AND ALIYA IN TWEAK'S BASEMENT!!! that makes for the best party...but of course...one of those things is no longer with us T__T. i say we all save up for a plane trip to the rockies and spring several surprised houseguests on her...

hits of the day: smart shirt opinions, hello kitty conspiracy, hello my name is simon (and i like to do drawings...)

i'd like more days like this ahead. this is a shade of my life i enjoy. i've dropped just about every single piece of excess baggage by the sides of the road and moved forth - and aside from the random lingering physical ouch, i've felt the best i've felt since sometime before my birthday last year. indescribable joy with no end in sight - *snickers* and cheeseballs...

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