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4:47 p.m. x 2003-09-19

i had a very school-safe revelation about what to do for a film fest submission while reading an article on sofia coppola (who else is eager for "lost in translation"?!). if i knew anything at all about camera work, i'd love to be able to nail those soft, sleepy tones in "the virgin suicides". this, a few kids willing to look uncomfortable, the cafeteria, and a few of those cool multicolored dance lamps and i'm set to go.

in my heart of hearts i know this project is too aesthetic and morose for my own mindset - i should be shooting an episode of monty python or something - but i'd like to get this one over with (because it's shoot will be less pleasant) before concentrating on the coffeehouse idea. i'm reserving much of my moronic wit for that effort, hopefully shannon does the same. i'd like to get to writing that soon.

THIS DAY IS TAKING ALL DAY!!! forgive my impatients, but today has been rather boring. i had my alarm clock set for eight and i successfully slept most of the day away anyhow. isabel's stirring outside and i've no hope of LEAVING le house right this moment so i'd rather like it to be tomorrow, so i might have all day to go to the bookstore or something. i desperately need a good book - definitely looking at the da vinci code, which alex has recommended <3, but if you the viewer have any ideas i'd appreciate them (and i expect a review of middlesex from clare!).

i think i'm linked to 153 fanlistings. i think 5 have linked back to me. this is all guessing.

i was pleasantly surprised by the traci lords book, but it kind of drifted off at the end. everything was paced really well up until she quit the sex industry (isn't that always the way?). i'm also rereading lolita and american psycho - just exactly as i was this time last year...i'm in a hopeless rut, aren't i? i think the noise in my head has quieted down a little bit because i understand and enjoy both novels more than i remembered - and i'm less high strung. things are far better right now as well, it's interesting to go back to where i was and realize how little i miss anything. because everything as it is now is infinitely better.

still kind of the same - yet somehow better. i think i'm a bit more confident this year. even in light of certain circumstances, i feel more in control of myself and everything's a little clearer than it was. honestly it must just be me adjusting to the situation - ha, the possibility of everything really coming together and being okay is too good to be true!

*looks at the cover of rolling stone* - ugh, i was right. britney's naked again. speaking of stupidity - if you happen to own this issue (it's the new one - #932), please turn to page 48 and shudder at jessica simpson with me. okay, 1...2...3, *shudder*. awe, and look at page 36. wesley willis died. i remember him from a website on bad music - he was a vastly overweight homeless paranoid schizophrenic who recorded more than 50 albums. poor laddy still didn't have a house after all that. he enjoyed greeting others with head-butts. he will be missed.

possible activities lined up for the future -
  • halloween theme park excursion with clare, tweak, catie, sara et al (catie's idea - i leave the casting of this to her).
  • "monthly" sleepover, date to be determined, aliya-less T__T *sniff*.
  • bethany's requested another outing, scheduled to take place in the near future. i shall organize this on monday.
  • my mom's become as eager as i to see "anything else", i'd like to drag manda out to this.
  • alrighty, i'm leaving you now. but i'd just like to say - 13 people a year are killed by vending machines falling on them. please raise awareness.

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