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4:24 p.m. x 2003-09-23

BORING DAYY!!! glad it's over.

i don't know what it was about it that went so painfully slow, though. i generally kept myself amused all day, with thoughts on the suufix "-itis" and the coffeehouse script, talking to manda, bridget, tweakie, clare, chante, and josh...bah it was just stupidly slow. hmm, you do not know chante yet. she's a very fun girl from italy who's been stranded here under unreasonable circumstances.

now...have you ever thought about the suffix "-itis"? it means "inflamation of". so "tonsilitis" is "inflamation of the tonsils" - with this suffix, one can have much fun. "hamsteritis", "pantsitis", "reznoritis" - there's a wealth of possibilities all within the realm of itisness. it's truely a magical suffix - right up there with "-ness".

THE COFFEEHOUSE SCRIPT IS VERY NEARLY COMPLETED...i'm excited - *dances*. it's currently in the hands of bethany for revisions and a more PG touch so not to scare the bitter, burnt-looking drama woman. christ forbid i offend her and a two year old with senseless violence and a random monty python reference (by now we should all be expecting the spanish inquisition).

and now, myssi has SAT class. i've taken a small step towards personal responsibility and enrolled in a non-graded, no-credit-involved, hour-and-a-half-long SAT preparation thing. wish me luck ~ <333.

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