"i'll do a gay man for you"

5:27 p.m. x 2003-09-24

today's escapades included my watching a freshman's (ashley's brother) manboobs get boderline molested by chris, who also promised to "do a gay man" (he meant impersonate one, but i intend to hold him to this in another more preferrable form).

today also included two french lessons: one for josh ("j'adore ma tweak!") and one for chris "nous tous habitons dans la sous-marine jaune!"). i laughed at the word "nipple", frightened a three month old (she's mr. z's daughter - remember him? agh.), and skipped most of english in order to talk to the counselor about exceedingly stupid highschool things. and now, i am at clare's.

today has been tres good. tres tres good.

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