she asked if it would hurt i smiled and said "no", the lie ran down my chin like embryo

6:21 p.m. x 2003-09-27

manda's birthday outing tomorrow. it'll be just her and i (and her mom...and her gift...but no bethany now). napped quite a bit today in order to be well rested. i've been constantly tired lately, but i prefer this to how i was a few weeks ago. things got a little disturbing...they're still a little disturbing, but worlds more contained. i think i'm doing a million times better at certain things this year. so far, while many things are different in a beautiful, wonderful sense - there's a few eerie, suspicious parallels to last year, almost exactly. and i hated the way i handled this thing last year - and now i kind of have a chance to succeed where i kind of screwed up.

and YESYESYES! i love being secretary of the art club. the art club officers are a trip - myself and clare, of course, and then the treasurer, president, and vice president (there's also a historian lurking about somewhere whom we've yet to see). the president used to have a 'fro, the vice president is a rather widely reknowned geek, and the treasurer was handed that position because no one else concidered running. still this is all worlds better than the drama club officers - who are all satanic and creepy with the exception of the vice president, who i'm going to trust my coffeehouse script to.

*meh* i'm babbling.

on a closing note - today was shannon's first day of modelling school. let's all give her a big round of applause. i'm slightly apprehensive about that after reading thing of beauty but i think it'll do good things for her self esteem and her panic disorder. tight high heels cut all other worries off.

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