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3:01 p.m. x 2003-09-28

manda and i went out to olive garden today to celebrate her birthday ^-^ which is tomorrow...bethany & shannon were there in spirit, as they were unavoidably detained, but things were fun nonetheless. we ate chocolate lasagnia and played with her guitar and transvestite teddy bear. tres tres fun ^-^.

i <3 manda!!!

she doesn't get a lot of publicity in here, but she should. she's one of my very very very best friends EVER and the one i'm around the most and i adore her to death. no matter what ^-^. we drove around today discussing the virtues of classic rock and how she should really see "magnolia" because she bought the soundtrack. then we played with her guitar and giggled about how creepy the music teacher is. his last name sounds like 'rodent' and it's very befitting.

"the virgin suicides" score by air is the most amazing album ever - i hope the "lost in translation" soundtrack is cool. it's supposed to be "light, airy, and j-poppy". i've been in a light and airy mood lately - i like that. where everything kind of feels like dido's voice (i've been hearing "white flag" everywhere lately, perhaps this is why?). i like that, and it's a rather difficult place to be when you're extremely busy. but i've somehow found myself, quite happily, there.

not terribly talkative today...i'd just like to lie in the bath and read wasted again before having to return to the satanic grind tomorrow (luckily i'm returning on a health and 2D art day so i can sing "happy birthday" incessantly to manda ^-^).

and so i bid you good afternoon.

*intimidating looks* eat your fiber.

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