asthmatic discharge!

6:24 p.m. x 2003-10-04

ello ello, we are at sam et kara´s, celebrating another year of sam´s existence. so far, we´ve discovered mysterious things about pineapple flavored beverages and felt tweak´s ABS OF STEEL. josh´s hair is very cleverly curled and molested into something of an elvis on crack ´do.

and now for paul´s asthmatic discharge. paul was unaware of this hidden talent of his, but every now and again he produces this cross between a sigh and a grunt that we´ve henceforth named his asthmatic discharge. it is SOOOO terribly amusing, i cannot tell you.

gratuitous greetings from sam, kara, tweak, kiri (tweak´s impending stepsister), josh, andy, catie, and the many siblings therein. but most of all from paul´s asthmatic discharge.

evening evening!


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