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12:15 p.m. x 2003-10-05

apparently, while kara, paul, catie and i listened to josh serenade us by way of a rollicking little emo number and tweak, andy, kiri and sam were suspicious upstairs - clare was kissing men >-< VASTLY unfair, but i still immensely enjoyed my evening.

someday i will be comfortably married with three kids and a fabulous husband but i will enjoy the fact that I WITNESSED SAM IN GOOD SPIRITS FOR VERY NEARLY AN ENTIRE EVENING! mer - i win!

WHEE! i get to do a research paper in english ^-^ !!! that sounds weak - but i love those. i did one on rod serling in eigth grade, which is more than likely my only good memory of that year. this time i have to pick a controvercial topic (or at least one from the list).

ideas thusfar;
  • women's issues
  • bulimia
  • drug addiction
  • beyond that, i'm still thinking. any and all suggestions are welcome because my brain isn't in it's most fabulous shape right now. these past couple of weeks have been a blur of disturbingly vivid dreams (i say dreams, but they are by definition nightmares - i've not had "dreams" in the nice sense for quite a few years), random amusing activity, and a loud buzzing rendition "everybody's fool" by evanescence - as it is on the album but with chainsaws and screams. possibly because of my obsessive eagerness to see "the texas chainsaw massacre" remake, but more than likely just because that's what my brain's feedback tends to resemble.

    13 days till dami's birthday, everyone!

    take the which femme are you? test!

    alrighty i've visibly run out of things to babble about. evening <3.

    if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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