what a clean old man!

4:19 p.m. x 2003-10-17

*dances about happily* it's FRIDAY!!! this week seemed to have taken forever, despite the fact it was only four days.

so....today. clare wasn't here - she was at a wedding! tweak & i conspired about moving into andy's basement and becoming his imaginary pets. manda & i stayed late after school and were incredibly stupid together for three hours. overall, today did not suck.

tomorrow can't either - as it is not only dami's birthday but our beloved heather's as well!!! so it's a doubly good day. and i'm going to the bookstore. so it's a triply good day.

finished lying today - really very good, especially once you learn to appreciate the author's use of metaphor. i love it, it's a memoir about growing up with epilepsy, but she explicitly states that she doesn't know if she has it at all and doesn't care to verify whether any of the acts committed throughout the book are true or not. but everything's a metaphor for something true. i'm thinking about getting prozac diary or welcome to my country tomorrow, then (as they're by the same author). or more, now, again. or cunt: a declaration of indipendance. or the vagina monologues.

but i'd really just rather have this. right now.


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