my blue boyfriend

6:15 p.m. x 2003-10-21

ssssh...listen...can you hear it??


our hit of the day today has been "middleschool orgies". that's the first thoroughly good hit in quite a long time. and SO descriptive.

new layout in progress, but i'm too lazy to finish it tonight. i've been working on it all evening with a throbbing headache and now i'd just rather sleep -_-. i skipped SAT class...i don't want to do any of my homework...i'd just like a rest.

there are two many hormones abounding this week. it isn't even spring. it's all this snogging i think. yes. snog-fever, that's it. we all have snog-fever. that's what's making everyone so crazy and libidous.

it's just one more sitcom-parallel, we have our own designated episode for heavy relationship drama. this is the episode where everybody goes crazy and starts humping everybody.


it's crazy. craaaaazyyyy.

and as crazy as it is, i want like nothing to be back in that basement again. is it even crazier of me to say that was the singularly best time i've had in recent memory? i think it is.


if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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