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7:01 p.m. x 2003-10-22

today's lesson was: sanity cannot be feigned. composure can.

i'm not sure if today was good or bad, which - if you saw me during the "stage crew meeting" that wasn't a meeting (and mer - i'm apparently not allowed on a crew), you're thinking "you're INSANE - your day visibly sucked". to this i say...yes, that part of my day DID suck. but the day, by and large, had many nice parts.

or - i'm sure it did. i really don't remember anything before third block, and then after that was rather mer until clare dragged me to the pizza place. i love clare. she was a great thing about today. and tweak. and ryan. and manda. and jordan. and bethany. and alex. and josh. and yes, even shannon.

but specifically, i'd like to give karmic points to ryan because two out of the three or four times we've gotten to hang out together at length, i'd had a horrible day and been a great bloody mess. and he was really wonderful both times, which really came in handy when dealing with the wrath of the drama demons.

with their attitudes, i'm sincerely shocked why anyone is in their club. i hope this production bombs because the way they're handling it, it deserves to.

*fumes* and now it is late.

if anybody should ask i'm going to a seminar
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