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4:15 p.m. x 2003-10-29

the man from the strokes looks remarkably like paul. you cannot pry me from this conviction - i'll never be able to look at a picture of the strokes again without picturing julian doing a paulism. showing off his butt conspicuously or looking confused (i know many men do this, but as with everything - paul adds his own personal spin on it...why wasn't he around for the '70s? he reminds me of mr. furley on "three's company"). alright, enough about paul's butt and on to the important issues of the day...

...we missed our special bus boy at the pizza place! clare & i were accompanied by tweak, kara, manda and catie to lunch and our "rus the bus boy" was gone. he was missed. so was paul (ugh - there he is again! or, rather, not on...), who was probably off pimping. with his hoes! and at present, i am home, playing around with my winamp and my livejournal, which has been there unused and i decided to dust it off and give it a shot. i detest the livejournal system, but i love the communities so much i just had toooo...

*FROZEN IN FREEZING FROST OF FEAR* GASP! have you any idea what happened to me today after math?!?!?! the much-beloved bridget snuck up on me in the hallway, and after an exchange of good-mornings, she informed me that the art woman was INCREDIBLY VIOLENTLY SATANICALLY PISSED WITH MY VULNERABLE LITTLE ASS (which was at that moment making its way to the art room!). this is because on the day of the art club meeting, whenever that was, i sent the attendance to the faculty, as is the job of a secretary. i was instructed to simply type up who came, press "faculty" on the address book, and i'm good to go. that's all they told me. so i did this. BUT - *gasp!* - i wrote them HORIZONTALLY! and i put THANK YOU at the end! SCANDALSCANDALSCANDAL!!! the art demons lit my bum on fire and..yes this was monday because i had art later...i was extremely wary of that room for the rest of the day. i told the councelor about it and thankfully she agrees that was a bit of a freakish reaction.

yes. and the art woman was absent, so she heard about it today. luckily, i was spared her wrath (today...*shudders*...), but not-as-luckily, bridget was still shaking. you shouldn't yell at bridget. she's there to dance and be happy, not to be a buffer for the psychotic ranting of someone with quite possibly one of the most masochistic jobs ever offered.

*le sigh* - i suddenly got a violent craving for cantalope. must run <3.

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