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10:10 p.m. x 2003-10-30

happy halloween, my faithful audience. clare, catie, tweak - and for a brief bit, josh - and i traversed a neighborhood in search of candy, or "ghandi" as we pronounce it with our own special pseudobritish accents. and we watched "halloween", ate "uneven" carmel popcorn and had hot chocolate.

alrighty, how do YOU make hot chocolate? I use swiss powder and hot water. i'm curious as to how everyone else does it.

this causes me great distress - so many sites i used to visit when i first got into the internet are dead. or a mere shadow of their former selves. it's very weird, the people who ran these sites never knew me and never will, but they've left a little impression on my existence. thus is the suspiciously touching thing about the internet - i hope i've moved some little person out there to buy a queen adreena cd or something. i didn't start to believe in the concept of good music until i was in seventh grade and i began using the internet. after wearing out every sailor moon site in existence, the first non-anime website i visited included things about s&m and switchblade symphony.

and it's all predictable from there on in.

i had several frou frou songs downloaded from quite a bit ago, and i never really sat and enjoyed them. and now i'm absolutely drooling at the thought of owning their album...oo! and i thought of some non-media items i can ask for for xmas...

random, abounding throw pillows of various shapes and textures!
SHITLOADS of makeup!
a bondage bear! (if you could tell me a moderately pg-13 website where i could find one, i'd be obliged ^-^)
a big plush armchair!
suitably fitting but still emphatically cute dresses!
an eternal loveslave!
the head of paris hilton!
american mcgee's "alice"!
george bush's soul!

and i want scarling's ep and courtney's album before xmas (err - or after, as is courtney's case, i believe). either way i'm not waiting longer than i must for them or i'll explode. elaborately and messily.

*shmeh* - COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC - i had a lengthy discussion with paul yesterday. it was deep and explored opinions and perceptions i didn't think paul harbored. of course, these reflections and revelations did not come without the request that i bring him pictures of shakira and the oleson twins...paul's such a man sometimes, but thankfully - not all the time.

paul: ah wont juicayjuice!

must be something in the water.

if you're still following this - i really want you to go click on all the names under the katie jane picture. seriously. right now - visit everyone and leave them a sweet message. they all have something unique and interesting to offer, which you must really need now that you've been listening to me ramble about NOTHING for the past HOUR (it took me exactly an hour to write this entry - that's making great time for me).

<1. <2. <3!

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