12:24 a.m. x 2003-11-01

upon returning home from trick or treating last evening, i realized something - i was extremely dizzy. i dizzled into my room and passed out, woke up a bit later to disrobe and actually hop into bed, and then awoke the next morning rather groggy but determined - i spat "TOO TIRED" in my mother's general direction and slept straight through my day, waking up just as everyone was getting home from school (i walked downstairs and freaked the shizzy out of my dad, who was unaware of my presence in the house). i hopped on le 'net and found a concerned paul, who wanted to know if i "was still coming?". "where am i coming?", i ask - and then i realize - 'TIS ANDY'S PARTY!!!!! thankfully i was fully repared after my snooze-a-thon, and so clare & i set off to blindy search for chez andy.

we arrived, and wackiness ensewed! there was snoggage, hottubs, hot girl-on-girl action, the song "luna", paul's asthmatic discharge (who only shows up to the best parties), intimacy, love, and suggestive situations. poor poor paco got himself into so many bad situations this evening...

paul: you know what would be hot? the oleson twins making out with each other.
me: what if they had sex?! sex with your twin - wouldn't that be like masturbation?! how cool is that?!
paul:'re not my twin anymore.

and of course clare, tweak, kara, sam, auntie m. and brandi were in attendance and damn was it eventful ^-^. especially when tweak stole an article of clothing from everyone. i know it sounds stupid to you, but you don't know how absolutely wonderful and adorable tweak is. put her in oversized clothing and my hat and you have the epitome of hallmark moments.


working with livejournal has made me appreciate diaryland all the more - those things are a mad raving bitch to customize, *snogs diaryland with rampant affection*. shmeh...and so it has taken two hours to complete this entry. slightly under that, but still a substantial amount of time. time that could've otherwise spent...snogging.


goodnight everybody <3.

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